A unique concept
of top gastronomy and service.


Šapat Wine Atelier

Šapat Wine Atelier represents a unique concept where top gastronomy and service are combined and the place where the most special notes of Šapat wine from our vineyard are prepared.

The entire winery complex has been renovated according to the highest standards and prepared for visitors who will be able to enjoy themselves in this unique place, only an hour away from the capital. The complex covers an area of 1,000 square meters and consists of two restaurants Šapat and Fleur de Sel,apartments, wine and tasting rooms, vineyards.

The magic of Šapat wine production: Bianca, Shu-Shu, Chardonnay, Atila Sauvignon Blanc, Pi, Magnus and Cabernet Sauvignon, according to the special recipe in limited series is created right here.

Our attention to detail is our secret ingredient.

We are waiting for you in Šapat!

Grand opening in 2023.

Šapat Wine Atelier hosted the gastronomic spectacle “French cuisine with stars” which took place in the Fleur de Sel restaurant, which is located within the Šapat Wine Atelier and brought together prestigious Michelin chefs, guests from Serbia, as well as representatives of France and the region.

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Join us in a gastronomic adventure where every ingredient is carefully selected.

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Chef’s Table

A special place in every restaurant is the kitchen and the kitchen in the winery Šapat is equipped with the most modern equipment. There is a “Chef’s Table” there, where guests will have the opportunity to enjoy an interactive service with a view of the kitchen’s work, served by a team of chefs and waiters. This kind of service concept is very unusual, providing even more unusual and unique experience. The high standards of the kitchen’s work imply the work of many people divided into a hierarchical system of the world’s best kitchens.