Fleur de Sel

Special recipe dishes

A gastronomic diamond

Welcome to Šapat Wine Atelier and our unique gastronomic diamond Fleur De Sel.

Designed as an oasis of pleasure for all your senses, this place is in a special environment with a beautiful view of the mighty Danube.

The restaurant sublimates the connection between tradition and top gastronomy, as well as wines from our winery, the best wines from Fruška Gora and also a special wine list from world-famous regions.

Dishes from the Šapat elegant kitchen accompany our wines and together they will take you on an extraordinary gastronomic adventure!


Magic from the Šapat Kitchen

Come with us on a unique gastronomic journey.

Our chef Nikoka Stojaković will make sure to inspire all your senses of taste and smell.

For many years, building his experience in some of the best restaurants in Paris decorated with 3 Michelin stars, such as the Four Seasons Hotel George V Le Cinq, Le Pre Catelan, today he shares his experience and life journey with you in our flower Slankamen.


Fleur De Sel

In French, Fleur de Sel means “flower of salt”, i.e. sea salt which naturally forms in a thin layer on the water surface and so combined looks like flowers.

Symbolically, the restaurant got its name from the place where Novi Slankamen is located, weaving a note of gastronomy into its name.

Chef with extensive international experience

Unique dishes

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